Media Assistent

Hello you, thanks for being here and your general interest in that position. Maybe this is the beginning of a an absolute unique journey. If you are great supporter, looking for a mentor and you are willing to trade your energy to create abundance,

submit your CV.


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What You’ll Do

  • Support the CEO on all topics. Setting up accounts, research topics, organizing the appointments and more. 

  • Creating graphics, posts and copies to share our message with the many people in the world. 

  • DATEV Accounting, collecting invoices, organizing files and optimizing processes. 

  • Writing letters, networking with other inspirational people. 

  • Supporting the CEO in new business development, creating offers and more.  

  • Preparing presentations and always one step ahead of the CEO. 

Who You are

  • Of course, you are passionate about supporting other people and willing to learn new things over and over.

  • You love to optimize processes and structures, you obsessed with making work steps leaner

  • You already know how to create content, graphics and copies on your own. 

  • You have a vision and love to take full responsibility for you work and your results. 

  • You are ego free and willing to learn and grow.