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Marketing is not an item you can buy.

Marketing is the process where your business

has to make progress to become a brand. 


Start from the scratch and learn everything about your Brand. Even the best have to create a wheel of continuous
innovation. This is a fun and nerdy experience of self discovery to help bridge
the gap between your brand and your ideal customers. 



The most powerful tool in your professional career is your network. Join a group of professional and ambitions minds.  


We are obsessed with keeping things simple. Our framework has already helped 10.000's of brands around the world. We use a 5 step approach where everyone will be able to understand the needs of their customers to better shape their own brand strategy. 


After tracking the performance of countless campaigns, we see that overall performance of any brand is always tied to the strength of its corporate identity.

The Essence

Your identity and strategy are connected. Without defining your identity, you will struggle to identify the roadmap to your success. Identity is the essence of your brand. BLUA works with you to create your corporate identity.

Ask for options. 


This is an evolution of your status-quo. 

Many brands already have an idea about their identity. Through analysis and makeover of the current identity, we help you to speak clearly to the customers you want. 


With over 10+ years experience in generating new business with paid ads, we know how to scale performance campaigns. 



We love to start with a proper setup to ensure the full potential of your active running campaigns. Besides all the numbers we generate, we are aware that behind every digit is a real human. That perspective allows us to better control the numbers and to predict human behaviors. 


Our team uses modern technology to keep up with the fast growing digital world. With years of experience creating campaigns, we are aware of what is required to keep up with the game.